July 6, 2009

Yogurt Smoothie Pops!

My recipe for yogurt smoothie pops is pretty flexible. I usually put in a banana, a generous seving of some kind of fruit, either fresh or frozen, several scoops of yogurt, a spoonful of frozen orange juice, a splash of maple syrup, and some milk or juice to get it to the right consistancy. I love my imersion blender for this task - it really makes the job easy and gives you less to clean than a traditional blender. Plus it's great for soups, too! The latest fruit combo that my dd is enjoying: banana, mango, and avacado! I know you wouldn't normally think to put avacado in a smoothie, but it works great here - it gives a nice creamy consistancy and doesn't have a strong flavor. Plus, it's super healthy! Ok, it does give it a weird color, but my dd drinks it with Yoda (who likes anything green - you do what you gotta do), and they think it's great, weird greenish color and all. And feel free to drink this as a smoothie (frozen bananas and/or fruit work best for this) rather than freezing it into a pop - or do both! Right now with the hot weather, either way is refreshing, and it's almost the only way to get dd to eat fruit, so I'm blending all the time!
Also, if you can get away with it, add a bit of wheat germ - it does make it just a little grainy - dd used to be fine with this, but she seems to eat more without it at the moment, so I'm leaving it out.
Oh, and I almost forgot - pour the mix into pop molds to freeze - I know there is another way to do this with little paper cups and stir sticks, but I'm sure you can figure it out. It takes at least a few hours to freeze properly.

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