July 22, 2009

The Science of Picky Eaters...

This program on picky eating is interesting, linking picky eating with genetics. I already know where Picky got her super taste buds - I never could get used to the bitter taste of Kale or some other greens. I do like broccoli, as long as it's young and not too bitter. It does not explain, however, why picky will not eat most fruit unless it is pureed (same goes for most vegetables). And spinach is probably her favorite and most eaten vegetable (but only in something and with feta cheese - I know she got that combo from me...). Anyway, I think with Picky it is a combination of things - she is super sensitive to stimuli in general (like smells and texture), and she is also very slow to try new things (everything, not just food). I think we're doing ok with her diet at this point, just adding new foods on very slowly, and getting her involved in cooking, etc - this video is worth watching just to take a little pressure off of yourself (so that you can ignore the incredulous looks on other parents of non-picky eaters when they hear cries of disgust coming from your child at the potluck...). ;)

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