July 8, 2009

Sneaky Chef - beans in your tuna?

We did ok yesterday - dd ate mostly tuna and pita chips, which has become a favorite lunch lately, and since we had a picnic for dinner, she had that twice. She didn't try the creamy carrot salad that I made (which she swore up and down not only that she would try, but that she knew already she would love...), but maybe next time...at least she didn't say "Yuck! I HATE it!!". Lately I've been adding pureed white beans to her tuna, which is something I found on the Sneaky Chef website, and that's been working great! The beans do not really add a flavor at all to the tuna, just a creaminess, and I'm finding I can get away with adding 1-2 Tbsp per can, along with the mayo and mustard (just a touch) that I usually have in there. So, between her tuna and the black bean enchiladas she's been eating on a regular basis, I figure we're doing pretty well for beans at the moment. Now if only I could figure out a way to work in lentils...

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