July 9, 2009

Comic relief...

I think a sense of humor is important in anything, but especially when dealing with children. Right now I have two favorite outlets when Picky is turning up her nose at a carefully prepared meal, or going two days without eating more than a few bites: One is humming "Eat It" by Weird Al under my breath (or singing it loudly - Picky even knows the words...there's irony...), and the other is a new cookbook my mom recently got for me called One Bite Won't Kill You by Ann Hodgman. Ok, I haven't tried any of the recipes yet, and if I do I'll probably have to modify the heck out of them (I've never eaten Velveeta, and I'm not gonna start now...), but the book is worth it just for the humor in it. I think as parents we get caught up in the little things sometimes, and it's good to be reminded in a fun way that we are taking ourselves a bit too seriously. With recipes like "Dump-and-Do" Chicken, and Pasta alla Pizza, and funny commentary and quotes from parents whose children are waaaay pickier than yours, this book is a must-have for parents out there with children who - ahem - won't always enjoy what you put in front of them. Even if it took you all afternoon to make. And you were sure they would like it. And maybe I will try making Cheese-ghetti one of these days - after all, Picky is bound to like it if it's smothered in cheese!

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