April 7, 2010

New Cookbook, again!!!

I couldn't help myself. I'll get rid of some of my old cookbooks, I swear! I was at Costco, and saw Jamie's Food Revolution, and had to have it. I have a few of his early "naked chef" books, and he had some great stuff, even then. I think he's come a long way, and I'm impressed by his dedication to a cause that needs attention right now. The recipes look great, Picky saw several pictures that she loved (don't get too excited, it doesn't mean she'll actually try it if I cook it...). I even passed up the new cookbook by Alice Waters, although I may pick it up eventually. 

I love Jamie's premise for the book: he invites you (or challenges you) to learn a few recipes from each chapter and then pass them on to one or two others. That's practically an invitation to blog his recipes! Although, really, I'd be preaching to the choir: it's not likely that someone who is uninterested in cooking would be looking at a food blog. Still...

I'm excited to try a few new recipes (and see if I can get Picky to try a bite or two), and I'm excited to follow what Jamie Oliver is doing with his "revolution", and where this all goes! Happy Cooking! :)

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  1. Just got back from the bookstore with a new cookbook too. I looked at both the ones you mentioned in your post and was really tempted. Then I saw David Lebovitz's latest book "Ready for dessert" and gave in to temptation, I just couldn't leave the store without it :-)