March 11, 2010

Easy-peasy bread puddin'


Well, this little gem is everything I like in a recipe: easy, easy, and very kid-friendly. When I said "bread pudding" to Picky, of course she was instantly suspicious. But when I mentioned chocolate chips, I had her attention! I've never heard of making bread pudding in the microwave, but it worked like a charm! I put one tablespoon of white chocolate chips, and one of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips. The total time in my microwave was 4 minutes. I'm pretty sure this recipe showed up on Facebook because I'm a fan of King Arthur Flour, and I tried it within the hour (why not? I was at home with a sick kid today anyway...). Go here to get the recipe. 


Picky insisted I take a picture of her posing with the pudding. And, of course, she loved it.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds really yummy! Looks like I'll be making it tomorrow :-)